Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Ebook - Hot Selling

The secrect of google adsense revealed by Munawar from Malaysia. An ebook that sold like hot cake when it's opening for sale. Grab it while stock last. Click here to view the offer.

"PERHATIAN: Sekarang Anda Berpeluang Mendapatkan Strategi Lengkap Dan Terkini Google AdSense & Trafik v2.0 Yang Akan Mengubah Pendapatan Online Anda Selamanya...! "

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jana Wang Adsense

Ebook jana-wang-adsense telah dilancarkan oleh saudara munawar adalah yang terbaik dihasilkan setakat ini. Bagi sesiapa yang baru belajar dengan perniagaan internet... Dapatkkan ebook tersebut. Terdapat pelbagai ilmu yang dikongsi oelh beliau . Layarilah laman web beliau di untuk penerangan lanjut atau klik pada produk diatas.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Adsense Product from Malaysia

Jana-wang-adsense is a new product launch today. Grab it will you have a time. This product will review of secret of adsense program that you can publish it in your webpage. Lots of Malaysian Internet Marketer now come forward to shared their knowledge in adsense program that can generate passive income to you. You can click at to see more about it.

Happy surfing.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Google Adsense

A lots of marketing information on google adsense which can generate income to us. I like to reveal a success story of people form india which making money with google adsense and make it as main income to him.

A few weeks ago we posted the winner of the AdSense Story Contest, andas promised, here are a few more of the stories and video submissionswe received. This one comes from AdSense publisher Amit Agarwal ofAgra, India.
Amit is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist forthe Financial Express and The Hindustan Times. He maintains atechnology blog called Digital Inspiration, which draws readers fromall over the globe and covers software reviews, web technologies, andsocial media. His latest venture, India Inc., carries news andanalysis about business and finance. Amit also runs a message boardwhere he personally answers reader questions on blogging, onlinemonetization and software.

You can view the video of Amit Agarawal from the google site.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free HotSpot

Quit buzy nowdays because I'm away from office. What I want to shared with you is Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) is now provides a free hotspot which gives people convenient to used their notebook or a Laptop.

If you step to registeration counter you will see the advsrtisment promoting the FREE HOTSPOT at KLIA. It's convenience for people like us having online business do our works while waiting our turn to board the aircraft.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Few Thing...What is it

A few tips to newbies which intrested doing online business - You must know

  • How to choose a web Host
  • Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name
  • How to Regsiter Your Own Domain Name
  • How to Make Money with Your Website
  • How to Accept Credit Card Payments from your Website
  • My Biggest Website Regrets

I will revealed all the tips one by one next time.

Bye Bye.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Did you analyze your website...

How good is your website? Does it do its job? Is it effective? These are all good questions that every business owner and marketing manager needs to ask him or herself. The website has become an essential tool for business. We all know we have to have a website, but are we using this venue to its greatest advantage?

A website is your business' public face. Big businesses can look like mom and pop operations and mom and pop operations can look like General Motors. The design of your website should not be taken lightly, its budget should not be an afterthought, and the designer you hire should be someone who understands more than code. Your Web-designer should be a multimedia-marketing advisor, someone who can counsel you how best to deliver your marketing message, and someone who can go beyond technical issues.

You can spend a lot of money and have someone analyze your site for you, but are you really going to believe him, are you really going to act on their recommendations? You can't sell somebody something they really don't want - that may sound obvious, but believe me, sales people do it everyday. If you don't think you need a new website, you aren't going to spend the money to have one built. So the best way to tell if you need one is to analyze the one you already have, yourself.

Below is a set questions you can ask yourself. If you answer them honestly, you'll know whether you need a new site or not. After you've gone through the process, ask some colleagues to do the same. See if your answers compare.

1. Does Your Website Have A Purpose?

Every website should have a clearly defined purpose. Having a website just because everyone else has one is not an acceptable strategy. What is your website's purpose?
a. Transactional sales-oriented siteb. Customer service support sitec. How to instructional sited. Product or service demonstration site. Lead generation site. Marketing, branding, positioning site. Promotional campaign site.

2. Is Your Website Focused?

Too many businesses both large and small use their website as an information junkyard, a dumping ground for everything you do, everything you've done, and everything you ever thought of doing. This won't work. Customers are like children; they want clarity, direction, and unequivocal answers. Your website should be focused on a singular function. URLs are cheap, there is no reason you can't have different websites for every major thing you do, or every marketing campaign you initiate. How focused is your website?

3. How Functional Is Your Website?

Everybody knows that websites should be easy to use, that you shouldn't have to drill-down too deep to find what you're looking for, and of course everything should work. Your website is a communication tool. If your website doesn't work properly, the only thing you're communicating is incompetence. How functional is your website?

4. Does your website honestly reflect your business personality?

Does your website represent and promote your marketing objectives? Okay, this is a trick question for many small owner-managed businesses. Marketing is not sales. Marketing is about communicating who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than the other guy. Marketing is about image building, branding, and positioning, in other words, enhancing your business personality. Does your website honestly reflect your business personality?

5. Is your Web-presentation integrated into your overall marketing plan?

Too many websites bear no relation to the rest of their business' marketing initiatives. Everything your company does should reflect an over-riding ethos, point-of-view, and personality. If your marketing collaterals don't match your website presentation, you are confusing your audience. Is your Web-presentation integrated into your overall marketing plan?

6. Is your website an experience?

You watch television, you listen to the radio, you read a magazine, but you experience a website. Unlike other marketing vehicles, websites provide you the opportunity to deliver your marketing message with the full complement of multimedia tools. Websites can stimulate all the senses, sight, sound, and interactive touch in order to communicate and connect with your audience. Websites are not brochures. Visitors shouldn't just see your website, they should experience it. Is your website an experience?

7. Does your website have a distinctive look?

The notion of the flaming animated logo has become a cliché for bad design and style over substance, but that does not mean your website should be aesthetically boring and visually dreary. Your site should display clarity of vision; it should provide functional page layout; its use of colors, type, and static and kinetic visuals should be distinctive and purposeful. Your website should provide a defining "Look" that enhances your business personality. Does your website display a distinctive look that represents your business personality?

8. Do you list appropriate contact information on your website?

I remember going to a meeting with a client who was in the construction business. The Vice President of the company was hopping mad. He demanded his email address be taken off the site immediately. He wasn't going to waste any more time dealing with client emails and inquiries. Websites are all about connecting you to your clients, not hiding from them. If you think you can put your website on autopilot and that a FAQ and Q&A are going to cut-it, you better think again.

Does your website have adequate contact information? Do you list appropriate email addresses and phone numbers for the people responsible for various aspects of your business? There you have it. Ten questions that when answered honestly will tell you whether or not you have a website that works and whether or not you need to rebuild.