Monday, December 31, 2007

Google Adsense

A lots of marketing information on google adsense which can generate income to us. I like to reveal a success story of people form india which making money with google adsense and make it as main income to him.

A few weeks ago we posted the winner of the AdSense Story Contest, andas promised, here are a few more of the stories and video submissionswe received. This one comes from AdSense publisher Amit Agarwal ofAgra, India.
Amit is a professional blogger and personal technology columnist forthe Financial Express and The Hindustan Times. He maintains atechnology blog called Digital Inspiration, which draws readers fromall over the globe and covers software reviews, web technologies, andsocial media. His latest venture, India Inc., carries news andanalysis about business and finance. Amit also runs a message boardwhere he personally answers reader questions on blogging, onlinemonetization and software.

You can view the video of Amit Agarawal from the google site.

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